Tongue and Groove (for Ceilings, Flooring, and Walls)

Kentucky Lumber’s affordable pine tongue and groove is known widely by customers all over the area. Our average customer drives 3 to 6 hours to Allensville, KY to access our affordable tongue and groove lumber. Our character filled quality lumber has been finishing off amazing homes for years and we’ve been proud to be a part of so many beautiful homes and projects! If you’d like to see more of our T&G paneling, check out these pics from our customers.

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“These guys have a great product, priced right, in many different styles of lumber! We really found that they have a really good service and they’re good to work with!!! I recommend you give them a call for all your lumber needs!!!!”




“I purchased 1X12 tongue and groove. By far the best deal around. Half of what it cost locally so I drove 5 hours and didn't regret it! The team is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and go way above and beyond for their customers! I finished my entire basement and it turned out great! If your looking for a great product at an unbelievable price go see these guys, you will not regret it!”

Tongue and Groove Flooring


5 Tongue and Groove Installation Tips


1. “When installing our tongue and groove on the walls, put a level on each row. It’s easy to get in a rush and miss slight variances that end up turning into big discrepancies later. Simply keep a level on it regularly will save a lot of long term frustration and keep it looking amazing!” -Timothy


2. “Learn how use the waste work well as you go. We were able to staple tar paper behind some of the knot holes to make them almost invisible. When they knot holes was too large for our taste, we tried to use them for cut outs for receptacles and switches. If you slow your pace and treat it like a puzzle, you can save a lot of what might otherwise be wasted and it’s a lot more fun!” -Andrew


3. “Lay the boards out ahead of time to make sure the space is well blended in character and in tones. Take your time and make sure you plan the direction of a wall before you go and you won’t regret looking at it every day.” -Rachel


4. “I’ve heard people say warped or bowed boards they found in some of our lumber can’t be used, but that’s simply not true. I like to take a 2x4 and put one nail or screw through it and into to a stud above the board I need to help me pry a random warped board right into place before I nail it. This has proven to be very effective and looks great!” -Jason


5. “Don’t rush the installation. Take time to do it right and use every board well. Do this, and you can maximize the square footage you purchased and enjoy the finished product even more.” -Evan